Freedom is doing what you like to do most, without any constraints. Travelling, working, going out, or just enjoying a nice walk along the beach. Without having to worry. Medishell also wants to make this possible for people who need to take medication every day.
Freedom because you won't forget
Medishell selected for the ALPHA programme
"These people often feel limited, because it is imperative for them to always remember to take their medicine along, wherever they go. And if they are cared for by others, these carers often worry whether they will forget to bring their medicine. This creates unnecessary stress and insecurity."
Jessica van de Pasch
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The current solutions are mainly aimed at improving existing processes, rather than improving the quality of life. However, Medishell offers a smart and user-friendly solution for remembering to take medication and thus regain a measure of freedom. Administration is monitored automatically, and there will be a notification when the medication has not been taken.
Smart and user-friendly solution
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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