A backpack full of valuable input

11 November, 2016
We have embarked on this adventure with a fairly modest wish list: expanding our network, finding production partners, and pitching on one of the stages. Managing that would make our Web Summit a success. But if we sum up the entire week, this last evening in Lisbon, we come to one conclusion: we got much more than we bargained for!

Yesterday, as an ALPHA start-up, we have had our own booth for a full day. Attention galore: we have had countless interesting talks, which continually confirmed that our product hits the spot. At a certain time, people were even queuing up because they wanted to know more about Medishell. Halfway through the morning, we split our team up for a while because we had a mentor interview with PHC Software's Ricardo Pereira. He provided us with sound information, which we are definitely going to work with.

A remarkable detail: many investors appear to attend the Summit under cover. They are not wearing a red badge, which would normally identify them as an investor, but come to the trade show as ordinary visitors. As a result, we have met with many more investors than we had initially assumed.

We have concluded this busy day with a visit to the Dutch Embassy in Lisbon. There, together with our partner Philadelphia, we raised a glass to all the recent successes.

This morning, our day started off on a Royal note. We had a meeting with HRH Prince Constantijn of Orange and Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. Prince Constantijn was curious about Medishell and our experiences at the Web Summit. He had found the event quite overwhelming, with all the information and inspiration to be gained.

Werner Vogels was excellently prepared: he already knew who we were and he immediately gave us a good tip. It was really special to watch someone like that on centre stage later on, giving a great presentation.

And that was not even the end of it, because to complete our wish list, we were allowed to present Medishell on the Machine Demo stage! An ideal opportunity to show the prototype to a wider audience. A special moment, of which we are obviously tremendously proud.

In conclusion: we have conducted at least nine interesting talks with serious partners, investors, and other parties, which we will follow up upon our return to the Netherlands. Although we were not actually looking for investors, we have nonetheless realised that we do need them. The Web Summit has turned out to be the ideal occasion for that purpose. Everything we aimed to get out of these days has materialised.

Tomorrow we will go home with a backpack full of valuable information, inspiration, and input. To be continued!